Develop a Coaching Mindset to Improve Millennial Nurse Retention

Dr. Rose Sherman


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Thursday October 18, 2:00-3:00pm ET

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Do you have a coaching mindset? 

What nurses expect from their leaders is changing. Gone are the days of command control leadership when staff were expected to be grateful because they had a job. Today's nurses, especially the Millennial workforce, want their leaders to be coaches who will help them to learn and grow as professionals.

Current research indicates that staff highly value managers who adopt a coaching style of managing performance.  When nurses don't receive the coaching and feedback they desire, they may be more likely  to leave, as evidenced by high nursing turnover in many healthcare organizations. For many leaders this new expectation by staff nurses requires a change in leadership style.  Create a competitive edge by learning why a coaching style is important in today‚Äôs world, and secrets of great coaching leaders.

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dr. rose sherman

Dr. Sherman is Director of Nursing Leadership and Institution at Florida Atlantic University. She had a 25 year career with the Department of Veterans  Affairs where she held leadership positions at five major VA Medical  Centers including the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center, the Miami VA  Medical Center, the New York VA Medical Center, the Seattle VA Medical  and the Washington DC VA Medical Center.

Dr. Sherman has extensive national  experience speaking on a wide  variety of leadership topics. She is the  lead faculty for both the  Emerging Leaders and Nursing Administration  Master's Program. In 2005,  Dr. Sherman was named Florida Nurse Leader of  the Year by the Florida  Organization of Nurse Executives. In 2006, she  was selected by the  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a three year  Nurse Executive  Fellowship. In 2008, she was selected as the  Distinguished Teacher of  the Year for Florida Atlantic University. In  2010, she was selected as a  Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing.